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A PLUS MEDICINE is a local retail pharmacy in Houston, Texas, specializing in dispensing prescription medications, compounding medications, and telemedicine services, among others. We also supply durable medical equipment and other high-quality medical supplies needed to promote patients’ health and independence and hasten their recovery at home or in healthcare facilities. Our services and supplies are also available for healthcare practitioners and agencies to use in their practice and operations.

At A+ Medicine, we uphold quality customer service and patient care. Hence, not only do we offer products and services that are of A+ quality, but we also offer them at the most competitive rates possible. This way, we can help patients have better access to healthcare and live a better quality of life.


Since inception, our mission have always been to make our services all about customers. We focus on providing Individualized high-quality services and customer satisfaction. At A PLUS MEDICINE, we operate as a family to serve the families that depend on us.


In a World of Big Chain Pharmacies, our Vision is to become the go-to Pharmacy for the people of the community that we serve because they recognize the value of our individualized services. We are committed to see the actualization of this vision and will continuously strive for it.


All we do at A PLUS MEDICINE is driven by our relentless pursue of improvement in quality of the Individualized services being delivered to the people of the community we serve and it is also centered around our core Values of

  • Putting our customer’s first
  • Meeting and exceeding our customer’s expectation
  • Gaining the Trust of our customer and our community
  • Never compromising on quality

This is why we are continuously looking at improving our customer services starting from hiring the most competent and dedicated professionals. Our Staffs believe in the same vision and constantly sharpen their skills by continuously learning and building lasting customer relationships.

Seek help from our Pharmacists

We have registered and licensed pharmacists who can help you out with your inquiries and concerns regarding our pharmacy, services, and products offered. Feel free to call us or send us a message online if you have any question. We appreciate you reaching out to us! Stay safe and be healthy.

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